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✨A small thread about #Danone✨

Every company typically grows via an s-Curve and it’s of utmost importance to keep innovating to prevent a severe downfall.

This is also apparent to Danone 🥛

Simply said:

Dairy products are in the maturity phase and at risk to be disrupted

I spent most of Saturday talking with a friend about investing and budgeting

She opened her brokerage account and is ready to buy her first index fund!

Priceless feeling seeing people go, "oooooh I get it"

Share what you know guys, someone's life might be impacted enormously!

Get invested as soon as you can and let time do most of the work for you. The longer you are invested in a diversified portfolio, the greater the odds you’ll achieve a solid positive return.

Odds of a positive return over 1 year: 75%

Over 3 years: 93%

Over 10 years: over 98%.

Portfolio update

Next 12-month dividend income: 1158$

$SBUX +24%
$MCD +21%
$JNJ +16%
$ABBV +16%
$TPR +16%
$O +13%
$PEP +6%
$MMM +4%
$STOR +1%
$PFE +1%
$CSCO -3%
$T -14%
$CCL -38%
$SPG -48%
$RDS.B -51%

Are you curious about the community's investment portfolio size (USD)?

Let's find out together!

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Really curious to see where the majority is in their journey 🤔

They say the first 100K are the hardest! Are you there already?

#Poll #portfolio

De ce e bine să investești cât mai repede sau Costică vs. Gigel https://mischu.eu/e-bine-sa-investesti-repede/

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